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Our Partner Organizations

American English Tree

Established in 2017, American English Tree Institute is a language learning school based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The school teaches English to Mexicans and Spanish to English speakers both in-person and online. Students range in age from 3 years old to adults. One goal of our business is to give back to the community. We have a scholarship program in which we offer free English language lessons to disadvantaged students in and around our area. These are called “beca” students (beca means scholarship in Spanish). How it works is that for each Spanish student enrolled in classes, we sponsor a Mexican student, giving them free English language lessons. Changing lives with education is our mission. We are excited to be partnering with students in the United States who will speak English with our “beca” children on a weekly basis to aid in their English language skills.

Cantabria University Language Center (CIUC)

Cantabria University Language Center (CIUC) is based in Santander, a small city on the north coast of Spain. Set up in 1995, our aim is to provide for the university’s needs as far as foreign language learning is concerned. We also reach out to the local community and welcome students from the area. Apart from English, we offer classes in French, German, Italian and Portuguese, with small classes for anyone aged 16 or over.
Aside from playing a role in the internationalization of university students and staff, the CIUC has a department of Spanish for foreigners, which caters not only for individual students who come to study at the University from abroad but also for groups from schools in the US (Universities of Texas and Western Michigan), who come over in the summer.
We’re really happy to join the SET program as it gives all participants an opportunity to become aware of realities outside their own environment.

High Challenge School

High Challenge language center was founded in Riombamba Ecuador in 2015. We prepare children and young people for the learning of the English language. Selected children are sponsored with scholarships that develop their education and language skills.

High Challenge is a language center located in the city of Riobamba, Ecuador. Founded in 2015, we specialize in preparing children from 4 to 12 years old and young people from 13 to 18 years old to learn the English language. Our primary goal is to develop the educational and language skills of our students, enabling them to enhance their knowledge in a global environment. We also offer a scholarship program to selected students, which provides them with new opportunities to learn English as a foreign language.

Our partnership with the Speaking English Together program provides an excellent opportunity for our students to communicate with other students from the United States and improve their conversational skills. This partnership also strengthens their confidence to speak with foreign people while promoting cultural exchange.

Hunter College School of Education

Hunter’s internationally recognized TESOL programs provide teachers the knowledge and credentials they need for success in the English as a New Language (ENL) classroom. Whether beginning a new career or pursuing advanced training, students may choose from a range of specialized programs depending on their professional goals: teaching ENL learners in Pre-K-12 settings, co-teaching ENL learners within content area classrooms, teaching English as a Foreign Language, literacy ENL for adults, and academic ENL in pre-college programs. In addition to classroom teachers, graduates have become administrators, editors, ENL curriculum developers, and instructional coaches throughout the US and abroad.

In our TESOL programs, students learn the research-based teaching practices most effective for their intended learner population. Rigorous coursework emphasizes theory and practice. Extensive fieldwork opportunities include New York City classroom observations, the Study Abroad programs, and Service Learning Travel Courses. While receiving a world-class education with high rates of job placement, students become part of a lasting professional network of current students, alumni, and faculty.

Marymount New York

Marymount School is an independent, Catholic day school that seeks to educate young women who continue to question, risk, and grow—young women who care, serve, and lead—young women prepared to challenge, shape, and change the world. In 2023, Marymount began a Speak English Together club, a Student Chapter of the organization.

PV Angels

The Vallarta Abuelos are a group of Mexicans and expats in Puerto Vallarta who create and support educational and cultural projects for at-risk children. Most of these low-income kids live with a grandmother or a single working mom. Selected children are sponsored by an expat ‘abuelo’ or ‘abuela’ who meets special needs and covers educational expenses. Currently, twelve outstanding teens participate in a year-long scholarship program that develops leadership and job skills. Our ‘Safe House’ offers a safe alternative for the streets, where children can study, play, eat, watch tv, and hang out.

Transformación Ballet

Transformación Ballet (registered as a 501c3 in the U.S. under Transformation Ballet Inc.) views ballet as a tool to reach out to the community. We strive to grow children’s self-worth and determination through the art of ballet. We offer ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, afrobeats, and rhythmic gymnastics to children of all socioeconomic backgrounds, including two local orphanages, on Lake Atitlán in Sololá, Guatemala. We challenge and motivate our students on an individual level while teaching them how to create and attain goals in a healthy, supportive environment. As ballet is not prevalent in this area and not widespread across the country or Latin America, we are able to share this particular art form with children underrepresented and unreached in the dance world.

Aside from in-studio dance classes, we also provide community outreach events, academic support through our scholarship program, workshops on faith and health, cultural experiences through our penpal program and field trips. We also travel to give group dance classes to children living in children’s homes. Aside from classes at the children’s home/orphanage, we also provide the opportunity for students to integrate and join the in-studio dance program.

Ukrainian Specialized School 200

Ukrainian Specialized School 200 is the capital school in Kyiv, and we are proud to be a part of the history of the city being founded 51 years ago.
The teaching staff is huge and friendly, including 97 teachers, devoted to their work, and have a great desire to bring up the new Ukrainian generation.
There are more than one thousand students studying in our school, thus we have elementary, secondary and high grades. Our school is specialized in foreign languages such as English and French and all the language teachers are trying to do their best in order to help the students use the practical side of the language.
We are for democratic development, for estimating the central moral values, for communication and understanding. The school is a cradle of customs and traditions, it is the main institution of knowledge, honor, and respect for all human beings.

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